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Sigma Bank AG, Private Banking


For years, Liechtenstein has built up an excellent reputation as an attractive, forward-looking fund domicile. High standards in the Due Diligence Act, short approval periods for setting up funds or the AAA rating from S&P are just a few points that speak in favour of a fund in Liechtenstein. With a reliable and professional Liechtenstein bank at your side, the way is free for your private label fund.


With the Principality of Liechtenstein and SIGMA Bank AG, you have two partners at your side who are convincing on a competent and personal level.


We have specialised in offering flexible and individual solutions within the framework of the legal requirements. Our competences offer you


  • Custodian function for your private label fund
  • Administration of the fund unit register
  • Issue and redemption of fund units
  • Trading of investments from listed equities to private equity
  • Securities service like corporate actions
  • E-banking, payment transaction processing
  • Service for Asset Manager like legal reporting


Your private label fund can not only cover the classic securities universe, such as equities, bonds and derivatives (UCITSG), but also opens up access – in particular as an AIF – to invest in high-value investments (real estate, precious metals, etc.) or alternative niches (hedge funds, crypto).

  • Custodian funktion and trading for the Private Label fund shares (units)
  • Setting up the clearing capability of the private label fund units
  • Execution of the Private Label investment strategy
  • Monitoring the investment guidelines in accordance with the given regulatories (UCITSG and AIFMG)
  • Plausibility check/audit of the net asset value calculation
  • Processing of payment transactions
  • Order processing for the target investments (investment strategy) of your private label fund
  • Trading via SIGMA Bank AG, as well as ISP DIRECT Zürich Trading AG – individual primebroker solutions
  • E-banking access for an overview of your private label fund portfolio
  • Settlement of securities and capital transactions (corporate action)
  • Contribution of reporting obligations like MIFIR and EMIR reports

  • Foundation of a fund according to UCITSG or AIFMG
  • Setting up the fund prospectus within the legal requirements plus the individual fund strategy
  • Opening of all required accounts & setting up of e-banking access
  • Publication of the fund prospectus at
  • Publication of private label fund price on the selected official publication platform, such as Telekurs Schweiz
  • Preparation of all other needed legal fund contracts & specific contracts for target investment
  • Initial contact with the auditors of the planned fund
  • Preparation of all required documents for the auditors, Asset Management and FMA Liechtenstein
  • Clarification of registrability / reservation / application for the fund name
  • Submission of the prospectus to the auditors and, if necessary implementation of adjustments
  • Reservation & activation of ISIN, security numbers

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