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Disputing a Debit Card Transaction

Disputing transactions made with the SIGMA Bank AG Debit Mastercard


If there is an incorrect transaction/charge on your account statement (e.g. double charge, incorrect amount, unknown seller) or if you have not received the product or service in question, you can dispute the transaction via our partner, SIX.


Note that the MasterCard network regulations make no provision for claims in certain cases, as follows:

  • transactions made via 3D Secure;
  • transactions made via PIN code/chip/contactless;
  • transactions made via a digital wallet (e.g. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay etc.);
  • transactions relating to non-cancelled subscription payments;
  • transactions whose terms have expired;
  • complaints relating to the quality of products or services;
  • complaints arising 30 days after the monthly account statement has been received;
  • complaints relating to fraudulent use for which the cardholder declined/did not request to have the card blocked.


What is the correct procedure to dispute a transaction?

  1. Contact the seller to try and reach an agreement with them directly;
  2. If an agreement cannot be reached, you may submit a claim to SIX within 30 days of receiving your account statement, enclosing all relevant documentation (emails, letters, details of phone calls, supporting documents/receipts etc.);
    Please note that a maximum of 15 transactions per card and case can be disputed;
  3. On receipt of your claim, SIX will carry out the necessary checks and inform you of the next steps by email.



The verification process involves various participants so it may take up to three months to reach a resolution.

Next steps

Click the button below to visit the SIX website where you can download the dispute form to be completed and submitted, attaching any documents relating to the case.

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